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>> the attacker is described as a white man in his about five feet, with green and has a tattoo on the upper right bicep area. >> mount ray county sheriff deputies investigated a report of child abuse on saturday. police will not reveal if the 47-year-old is related to the that he is headed to mexico. >> one man here in san francisco has died. ñ 68-year-oh through years ago. >> abc 7 news is live with the story for us. heather? >> he was in san francisco teaching courses for his
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employer. the portland based appraisal institute that says he was a highly respected real estate appraiser who spent much of the career and life in southern california and just moved to oregon within the year. the coast guard says he died saturday evening after a boat he was in collided with a ferry. the coast guard is investigating. golden gateh)2] ferry cannot comment while the investigation is open. it happened just after 4:00 on saturday afternoon, near tiburon. the victims were flown to the hospital. the ms san francisco taken out of service and inspected and put back in service sunday morning. golden gate ferry says the crew of five was all given routine drug and alcohol tests. the crew is back at work while the ferry captain is still out on routine administrative leave. experienced boaters say though ñ often,
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phone shall is there. >> there are a lot of boats out. and these ferries, ferry ships move faster than you think. when you're out there. you think you've got room and it turns out they get close to you fast. sooner than expected. >> the appraisal institute says he leaves behind a wife, two children, and six grand children. live in sausalito abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a san jose police officer is resting after nearly being run over by a suspected car thief part of a chase that started just before midnight ending with a deadly crash on blossom hill road. we have the detailed eye witness accounts. >> get your hands up and everything. so i closed everything up. >> alex was getting ready for bed and heard a chase end violently behind his home off
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the overpass. >> i usually hear people hit this corner fast but waits follow bid a huge boom. >> out of the window just feet from his backyard fence, lay an overturned and mangled stolen suv, the driver, a 20-year-old man, dead. it started just after 11:00 when police officer michael sabao in the force four and a half years wag waz making a traffic stop and another driver started speeding towards him. >> owe r.he zwroumpd avoid being hit by the suspect vehicle. >> the officer took off to chase the suspects five miles down highway 101 and three think twont great lengths to avoid officers. it's about 100 miles per hour before this crash. >> he was consciousxrs and they
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must tond him, he stopped breathing and drawing down the ravine. >> they watched the scene unfold the only consoleation was a swift and massive response by law enforcement. >> i told my6@#rv girlfriend te are many cops trying to get that car. we know we're safe because they're going to be out there all night. >> police were out here all night. the road blocked off seven hours, from the car, police caught two females trying to run away. they were taken into custody and being questioned all day today. as for the suspect hisr/bo8idene determined. he had no wallet or identification on him at the time of the crash. >> wild story there. >> big changes coming up for weather. >> yes. cloudy skies around the bay area now. looks ominous.
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>> that is more than ominous, it's scary.íxtkw it's gotten cold out and windy. spencer christian joins us now with an update. >> changes have begun, it's chilly out there and is an approaching rainfall in the long line reach through parts of mendocino county and out to sea. so this is a live rain moving into our direction. we can pull back now, starting with mountains through lake county and northern most california and through the sierra, as a matter of fact tahoe area expect six inches of snow into higher elevations, looking at the eastern sky which looks rather ominous ask cloudy, dark, dreary now. 50 degrees in san francisco.
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52 in san jose. another live view from our camera looking at the eastern sky. low 50s around the bay area. overnight spotty showers and rain developing there will be%tñ wet spots through the morning commute. organized rainfall sweeping through and cold air filtering n a chance of snow over higher peaks. there is wintery weather coming our way. >> thank you spencer. >> gas prices are skyrocketing nationwide and here in the bay area. >> prices have[/ risen because of production cuts as well as refinery issue autos drivers are paying $4.13 a gallon, up 46 cents.
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>> and in oakland also above the $4 mark now, a month ago, it was 3.58 in oakland. prices jumped a dime a gallon just the past hour, mark? we came into this station because it was listed as one of the cheapest in the bay area, as soon as we pulled up the price jumped to $3.99. we should be used to prices going up. >> it's greed. greed. we don't see that but it's greed for corporations. >> this retired sheriff's deputy isn't buying argument the price of gasoline is tied to the price of oil. >> this is ridiculous. >> oil industry experts say it's due to a hike in oil prices plus the switch from winter blend gas to summer
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blend and a month ago, california prices were a little depressed they say. so now, we're catching up. the manager of 24 stations in the bay area doesn't know why. >> what are you hearing why that is happening? >> i'm not sure about. >> jonathan's shop is the cheapest station in the bay area. $3.84 a gallon is his price. the price is sending customers to shop for hybrids. >> this is just almost every other call for a chevy volt. >> out of a dozen models the plug ins account for 40% of their sales. >> in this car business, it's unford of. if you have 12 or 13 lines or vehicles this is just crazy.
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>> coming up at 6:00 tonight we're going to take a look at the price of oil over the past year and how that compares to the supply and price of gasoline. >> coming up at 5:00 we'll take a look at how gas prices are impacting cost of doing business. >> cal/>]sñ men's basketball coh is in hot water for the move shoving a player. the conference has reprimanded montgomery for pushing golden bears guard, you can see a teammate there this is during a time out. he has not been suspended by the conference or the school athletic director called the actions inexcuseable and61 added the coach has apologized. cal rallied to beat usa. after the game, it was known
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for years said it's motivation. but you cannot put your hands on a kid. >> yeah. he stepped back and apologized. >> yes. he did. kind of circled wagons and saying the correct things at this point about what happened there. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 a policy best buy is making permanent and updates on a resume. how a tweet can help you land a next job. >> learning about the murder case against olympian swimmer. the key piece of evidence police found at his home. >> plus michael finney taking your questions on twit skbrer facebook. you can contact michael on at m finney. >> taking a look at the skyway right now, this is an unusual site. it's pretty light for drivers heading into both directions.
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we can see cars jammed up trying to make their way east across the bay bridge. stay with us.
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a group of east bay musicians held a tribute today for the victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. this was not a solemn tribute. the music was upbeat and plenty of dancing.
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organizers say they wanted to raise spirits after the mass shooting that left 26 people dead and want to raise support for a ban on assault weapon autos the child should have to worry about whether they're going to be coming home from school at the end of the day no. parent should have to worry if the child will be there when they go to pick them up at the end of the day. >> representatives of the brady campaign were there. the group is collecting signatures in support of the assault weapons ban. >> best buy taking a step to live up to its name. the retailer announced it will match the lowest price consumers can kind on the web and other retailers. best buy plans to institute this guarantee march 3 as%a%fv n effort to fight what is called showrooming when consumers come to check out items then purchase them over the internet. >> facebook will not owe taxes on its $1 billion in pretax profits and getting a half
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billion dollar refund. one group says facebook is using stock options to investors and employees for the writeoff. facebook received tax refunds because of stock awards to employees. the company declined to comment on this tax break. >> burger king apologized for bogus tweets after hackers took over its account with mcdonald's famed golden arches. hackers tweeted we just got sold to mcdonalds and some tweets included racial insults. burger king didn't know who is hinld the hacking. and twitter is changing the way we apply for jobs. usa today says some are use
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sog called twitter views instead of a formal interview companies tweet out a question and you tweet back an answer. one employer says companies can learn about the personality just from tweet oosz they want to learn about us. >> can you do weather? >> i can't say my name but we'll try. stormy, cold weather coming our way. here is a live view from our camera showing high and mid level. you can see parts of the ocean there. it looks dreary. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you don't see much in the way of rainfall yet but up to the north a line of rainfall is moving into our direction. you can see a winter weather
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advisory and down through sierra. we do expect about half a foot of snow and this is in effect until 6:00 tomorrow. we've got rain coming and possibly a thunder storm by morning. there is a chance of showers, thundershowers and snow possible down to 2,000 feet. you can see the movement over last 12 hours and behind the system, very cold air will be racing down behind the front. we'll start at 11:00 tonight at which point it will be dry. thick. first areas of rainfall )[j
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the front sweeps through bringing it with it some snow into higher peaks of sonoma county and into afternoon's hours. more cold air, more rainfall and snow in the mount hamilton area. this then swings through tomorrow night and into wednesday morning we can expect clearing. low temperatures under rainy partly rainy conditions to mid-40s around the bay and near the coastline to. high temperatures into the south bay about 58 to 50. some low 50s in redwood city. highs into low 50s on the east bay, 5 degrees in oakland. the inland east bay to around 50 in concord, here is the accu-weather forecast. cleared out but going to be
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cold milder thursday partly cloudy skies thursday. showers saturday, milder dry weather on sunday. wi. >> we're feeling it. >> oscar the statue. how you can get in on the excitement. excitement. >> and looking well, well, well.
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do you ever wonder what you would say if you won an people? >> oscar is giving movie fans an opportunity. as we countdown to the academy awards. >> yes. >> for the first time oscar is on a road trip. >> do you want to hold an oscar? >> the statue is in the middle of an adventure, meeting fans... and taking photo was celebrity. >> people who love kos scar! >> the road trip started in new york on good morning america. then, the gold guy hit the
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road stopping in wash and baltimore with you, the fans deciding where the he is skorts stop along the way. >> if you want us at the wedding we'll go to your wedding. >> there has been high profile stops, including wendy williams show. >> and also, every day places. >> there are some people i'd like to thank. >> oscar then stopped in st. louis, houston, dallas and in phoenix, this thursday. >> you can suggest where they took oscar by going to oscar road the coveted golden statue will hollywood just in time for oscar sunday. >> they're just day as way and
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abc 7 news is the only base plais to watch them this sunday. the pass feature will give you best access with more than a dozen cameras streaming video. the app is available for an droid, ipad and kindel fire. >> and the country music community lost one of its stars. >> the country music community is morning the loss of mindy mccready today, theinys singer died of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. she attempted rehab at least four times. and in movie news, argo took home top honors but jackie weeb jer also looking ahead and told us who she thinks deserves oscar gold.
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>> i think this is very strong year so... it's one you need to get. >> if you haven't, chooseñw'oç r favorites to win then compare them with your friends, fergie and josh dumel expecting their first child. the singer took to her twitter account saying skbrosh me and baby makes three. my lovely baby bump. and speaking of families all my children and one life to live are back. see which stars are returning right now on >> still ahead new details in a murder case against olympic blade runner and these details are grisly.
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>> a hunt for pieces of a meteor that slammed into russia last week. >> and we know the cause of a fire that crippled a cruise ship stranding
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immigration reform won't be easy. a white house plan for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants has drawn immediate fire. more on the political infighting. >> the already heated battle over immigration reforms now simmering when a draft proposal leaked. the document reportedly spells out a plan allowing illegal immigrants to become permanent residents after eight years, expanding the e-verify system and provide more money for border security. backlash is pouring in from republican autos we don't want to give them an advantage over those who came here legally wex think there is a way to do this, still respecting the rule of law. it's clear what the president is talking about does not do that. >> he said no communications with republicans on the issue. >> the white house says the
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president is supportive of bipartisan efforts claiming the draft only spells out a back up plan promised several weeksing ayes. >> if congress is unable to move in order a timely fashion i will send up a bill based on my proposal. >> there is now pressure in place of the president's proposal6çdps marco rubio claims would be quote, dead on arrival. >> he says it's dead on arrival if proposed let's make sure it doesn't have to be proposed and i can they make good progress on the efforts. >> the white house denies allegations it was leaked as a negotiating tactic. >> an ashley is traveling to washington, d.c. this week to interview the president at the white house. the reports begin airing tomorrow night at 4:00 -- 5:00 here on abc 7. >> scientists are trying to
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track down the main piece that have meteorite. authorities recovered fragments in a frozen lake but still no sign that have main piece. this fireball shattered windows and caused $33 million in damage. nasa says it was 55 feet wide, weighed 10,000 ton asks traveling more than 40,000 miles per hour. hard to conceive. hundreds of people hit the streets to celebrate the return of president chavez. the 58-year-old spent two months in cuba after undergoing pell vision cancer surgery. speculation is growing about his inauguration. he was reelected but swearing in is on hold because of continuing health problem autos we're learning new details about evidence police found at the home of oscar
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pestorias, accused of killing his girlfriend on valentine's day. prosecutors plan to present their case home. >> famous for his triumph over champion is now in a tough battle. saying he focuses on charges that he murdered his girlfriend on valentine's day. >> there is no doubt here there is no substance for litigation. >> the story as family and friends insist it was an zerngt he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder but details cast doubt on that explanation, officials refused to comment on the claims one respected local newspaper reports several police sources
4:33 pm
have said a bloody cricket bag z b. that was wearing a night gown and overnight gown found in the bedroom that he may have fired a shot in the bedroom and she may have been fled to the bathroom where she was shot three more times through the door. shocking new claims just as south africans debate the appropriateness of a launch of a reality show featuring her and her haunting last words. >> the way you make an exit is so important. i'm going to miss you all, so much. >> he is gearing up for the legal battle with a team of top attorneys while he makes a second appearance in court tomorrow. a private funeral service will be held in her hometown. >> coast guard today said a leak in a return line caused
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engine fire that crippled a carnival cruise ship. investigators say that fuel line was connected to one of the ship generators and leaking oil hit a hot surface. the ship broke down, 4,000 passengers and crew were stranded off the coast of mexico for five long days. a passenger spoke only to abc news. >> your gut tells you it's possible you're not going to survive this event. that shouldn't be allowed to exist. i didn't expect to come gnome a situation like this. >> the investigation is expected to take up to six months. the investigator prized the crew for doing a quote very good job at containing the fire. >> a man charged with slapping a toddler on a commercial flight is out of a job. he was fired.
4:35 pm
the 60-year-old accused of slapping a 19-month-old boy during a flight this month. the boy's mother says her son was crying when he leaned over to her >> coming up, as if running a s hard enough, what a man is enduring. >> and a shot these nine men pulled off that may have impressed tiger woods. >> in today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead. i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me right now on then over on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here live,ñ&iqz a little later. >> looking at western sky from
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our camera, there is rain on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> i'm glad i'm inside. sheer lk at the commute. not much of a commute because avm day weekend but this is 680. is northbound
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race still six days away. danica patrick becoming the first woman ever to do so. she had an average speed of 196 miles per hour. she says she's proud for several reasons. >> it's nice to hear families talking about the fact a little girl might say, you know but mommy, daddy that is a girl out there. and then, they can have conversation with their kid about the fact that you can do anything you want z being different doesn't by any means not allow you to follow your cream autos winning will silence critic claiming she's known more for being racy in her tv kmeshlz than being a race car driver. she's only one one race in her eight year career in 2008. >> florida man dribed his way into the guiness book of world
4:40 pm
>> he finished in four and a half hours just running a marathon two. basketballs? he is a motivational speaker competing to raise money for an organization helping foster kids. that is good stuff. >> very cool. >> golfers love to pull off trick shots but few like this one. >> nine players hit the balls simultaneously. check it out. >> that is cool. >> they all drop. >> it took 28 trays to pull it off. >> not too bad, really. i was going to guess more to get that in sync. >> good stuff. >> impress yif let's check on
4:41 pm
the forecast now. >> that is why there is only a seven-day forecast. the age one is shaky. we've got rain and some spotty showers showing up in parts of sonoma county but more organized rain arriving during overnight hours. both coasts going to have rainy weather. great lakes we'll see some snow showers. through the mid section, temperatures ranging from mid 63 in dallas to a very cold minus three, talking a high temperature for tomorrow is minus three in fargo. and here in the bay area, shower year, rainy. cold air arriving overnight. the rain will arrive early as a matter of fact and there could be pet wet spots then later in the day more
4:42 pm
organized and steadier rainfall. snow levels down to 2000 feet meaning we can see snow in peaks like mount hamilton and others. system. it's just going to be wet and messy, chilly in spots for tomorrow. >> we do need the rain. >> i hope for more before the season ends. >> up next how changing the channel can change your child's behavior. next. >> a teenager not letting a disability stop him from mastering musical skill autos what is the best credit card to use while traveling in
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wuchbt most successful owners in pro sports died today after battling cancer. jerry bus grew up dirt poor in wyoming managing to build an empire. he bought the lakers in 1979. the team won 10 nba championships. fans, players and staff called
4:46 pm
his leadership and innovation. >> he said early on in his ownership if i win championships and lose money i'll be unhappy f i make money and not win championships i'm going to be unhappy. he was able to accomplish both. >> he bought the lakers part of what an outrageous sum of $67 million, forbes estimated value at $1 billion. >> wow. >> certain television shows could help improve a child's behavior. the study focused on 800 families half replaced violent tv shows with education programs and ones promoting social harmony. after six months kids that switched shows found to be less aggressive and more soshable than those whose
4:47 pm
group did not change. >> 16-year-old landon weeks was born with just six fingers but that hasn't stopped him of fulfilling dreams of becoming a piano player. >> it just comes to me. i just fell in love. it got easier. >> he wanted to learn how to play after watching his brothers. they found a teacher who took him on. he shares his talents at different schools inspiring doidz never give up on their dreams and now a producer is teeming up to create a music video. >> now, michael finney is here answering questions that you sent. one real estate question. think they don't know the area, can you request another hasn't gopt a
4:48 pm
refund doesn't like appraisal. they'll often send someone from vallejo looking at them there is no way they know my house or thr area. they will often no. best thing to do is make sure you get the actual apraiser back make sure you get paper work. take a look and if you don't like it and don't think it's right it's got owe to be based on reality. not just i don't like the number. you can request another one. if it comes up substantially above they may make you buy a third one. >> oh, boy. >> now they're going to go what is going on but if it's up, it's standard amount it's matching they'll accept that. >> aren't those appraisers supposed to use comp autos but you get a difference. what is sold, what is for sale and history on what your house is.
4:49 pm
>> bill e mailed this question. do you have a recommendation use in europe? >> important thing is that you dmot want a foreign transaction fee. there used to be one or two cards that did not charge this fee. now there is a bunch of them. problem finding them, they never advertise. they often don't list this. card ratings look for the fees, costs a bank fractions of a penny to make this transaction. they charge you up to 3%. figure out how much that is talking about. >> with nerd ballot -- wallet on name alone. >> if i work on a federal holiday does my employer has pay me oversnim.
4:50 pm
>> they can work you on weekends and as long as they don't work you over eight hours in the day or 40 hours in a week state of california has no law says one day is more important than another day. that is just union. and company rules. >> so this president's day people may get nothing extra? >> you'll get nudging and like it as a great man once said. >> the bay area's hot condo market. >> i'm wayne freedman. land of condos there is a full moon going on. a boom. we'll tell you about it when we come back. >> coming up at 5:00 rain we're expecting means snow in the sierra. we're live where new snow is reason to celebrate. ski reskports lots of families. first lady coming clean to talk about the crisis behind
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reports indicating a turn around in the real estate market. >> new, attention is on the market for town homes and condos. that is heating up. >> abc 7 news jins us live this afternoon, wayne? this complex behind me most of you would recognize it off the bay bridge.shr that all told there are three units for sale in this place. prices are raising in double digits thanks to low mortgage interest rates and that old stand by, law of supply and demand. we spent time with a real estate agent. >> let's say someone said i want to flif emeryville. >> be patient and have
4:55 pm
perseverance. >> there were 11 condos for sale in all of emeryville. a shortage throughout the bay area. they are the hottest going right now due to a strange combination of low rates and own qlorz refuse sell because they're underwater from when the bubble burst. >> if you're anticipate lg values are on the rise and you're not forced to sell in this market, why would you?. >> the asking price on this unit was $195,000, final they're not saying but they had 11 offers over the list price. we're tlod believe it was more than enough of a bone dwrous pay sales commission with cash left over. the dream of homeownership is clearly as alive as ever. giving you an indication of what things are selling for
4:56 pm
mak might have taken 80 days so sell now some are going in two weeks and less. >> thank you, wayne. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00[h3u we have a reminder about the abc 7 news app. and on fwoogel play. is also still available if you have an iphone. >> women on alert after a student is raped on a popular walking trail. >> live doppler 7 getting ready to track a cold storm. long you'll need umbrellas coming up. >> and live in lake tahoe.
4:57 pm
everybody is excited about something they're expecting tomorrow.ú+u >> veming news on the hunt for a rapist. i'm cheryl jeng autos this afternoon, police released new information in a violent rape that took place on the uc santa cruz campus. >> the womans was able to give a good description of the attacker. they released this sketch. the woman walking on a trail near the amphitheater. david louie joins us live with the latest on this investigation. david? this is a kind of attack in which the trauma can hinder what the victim remembers about the rapist. police say there is skpripgs a sketch. now that, will help them track him down. >> i can see i'm more
4:58 pm
concerned in the day. not a good thing. >> an uneasyness as surfaced across the park and campus. a 21-year-old raped and battiered on sunday at 12:30. it's close to a student yun skbrin buildings when it's shielded from view. this path located in a remote section of the campus and probably not likely many people were out here though this happened in the middle of the day. despite injuries the woman was able to give university police a description of the suspect. a 200 pound stocky white man in his 30 was black hairks green eyes a mustache and goatee. >> this victim provided police with an amazing description. very detailed.
4:59 pm
we're grateful for that and happen yes to report she'd been released from the hospital where she was taken. that is good news. >> an alert was activated. however, two students near the trail were not aware of the attack and were taken aback it happened. >> i've told you not to walk around on campus so that is a concern. >> now, this happened in the day. >> owe so you can't be safe. >> now, joggers and dog walkers are on the alert for a rapist that may be lurking along trails they assumed were safe. >> it's a terrible tragedy. i hope the woman is wok and the person is caught who did this. it used to be police are putting up plyer as cross the street on bunches andm6k polls around the city trying to get

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